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There are approximately 300 million school-age children in India, a significant number of them enrolled in government schools in rural areas. IN-DEED Foundation endeavours to cater to this vast population residing in rural and peri-urban areas and are mostly first generation learners. Two-third of the Indians still live in villages and with poor standard of primary education in government schools where most of the rural children are enrolled, the problem is being exacerbated as they move from primary to middle and senior classes. This drawback is the root cause of creating despondency and utter turmoil in rural areas as rising expectations are not being fulfilled because the education children get is not sufficient to deliver on the promise of creating better opportunities.

The focus on youth volunteerism separates our approach. We tap the best talent from the vast reserve of human resources available in colleges, universities and schools of the country. This reservoir of talented individuals can be engaged at minimal cost (as volunteers), their dedication and sincerity to the cause is extraordinary since they really feel motivated by the need to do something for those less fortunate. The volunteers in turn improve their own command on course subjects, public speaking and organisational skills besides gaining confidence and doing good.

Our solution is also different as we are addressing all the segments viz. primary, middle and senior classes through a sustainable and scalable marriage of Volunteering and Transforming results through technology enablers. IN-DEED Foundation is basically an enabling platform through which passionate students from Institutes across the country can connect with rural and government school children in the vicinity of the their campus to teach, train, empower, guide, mentor and counsel them towards a better future.