• Our Belief System


IN-DEED Foundation is convinced of the fact that education is the fundamental building block and the most efficient, potent and transformative element for rural children to break free from the vicious circle of poverty and to become successful. Unless we make major improvements in education and training of students, the demographic dividend the country is expecting to reap, could very well turn into a demographic disaster, with another generation of unskilled workers destined to languish in low-paying jobs or remaining unemployed.


Our approach is based on the following two pillars:

- Youth Participation: Make youth partners in positive change through active volunteering. This has been arrived at by extensive research and interactions with various schools and colleges. There is huge hidden potential waiting to be tapped as students are willing to participate and contribute, needing only the right platform for partnering in such endeavours. IN-DEED Foundation is striving to provide that platform.

- Technology as an enabler: Bridge the urban-rural education quality divide by harnessing technological advances. Unless this disparity is ended, there will always be a differential opportunity divide.

We are creating a growing community of active volunteers (mostly undergraduates from reputed higher education institutions) who are counseled, mentored, trained and guided by successful alumni. In turn, these volunteers take classes and motivate students of rural government schools to learn curriculum topics, understand difficult concepts, perform well in examinations, become proficient in computers and improve communication skills.